Face Scanner Identifier; Advantages and Disadvantages

In every sector that needs some level of security protocol, facial recognition is becoming more common. This shows that it has a lot of potential. But at the same time, it promulgates the notion that there are challenges that this technology has to offer. 

How Does The Facial Scanner Technology Work?

The working of the technology is very simple. It uses focal points such as the distance between the eyes or the nose and the mouth. Moreover, the shape of the chin and the length of the face are also focal points that are considered. These features are then saved as an identity of the person. 

Advantages of Facial Scanner Technology

Facial recognition can be used in many applications. Now let’s consider the pros of facial recognition technology. 

  1. Searching for missing persons and identifying criminals

Police agencies use facial recognition technology to locate missing persons or identify criminals by using camera footage to match the face to a watch list. It is used to find lost children. It is sometimes combined with adult software to predict what the child will look like based on photos taken at the time the child went missing. Law enforcement often uses facial recognition in conjunction with instant alerts to help track down potential matches.

  1. Protecting businesses from theft

Facial recognition is used as a way to identify people before they commit crimes such as theft or public gatherings. CCTV is often found in shops and offices, and tools such as automated tracking can be created to match individuals with information on known suspects through the use of facial recognition software. Preventing crime before it happens and (some argue) both protecting criminals. 

  1. Improved security measures in banks and airports

Facial recognition is also used as a security measure in sensitive areas such as banks and airports. The software can help identify criminals and passengers who pose risks to airlines and passengers, similar to identifying criminals entering the market.

The software is used by banks and other organizations to prevent fraud, identify people suspected of previous crimes, and inform the bank to deal with private individuals. 

  1. Minimize human contact points

Face recognition requires fewer human resources than other security measures such as fingerprint recognition. It also does not require physical contact or human interaction. Instead, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to make this an automated and seamless process. contact point, password, or key. 

  1. Better photo tools

Facial recognition can also be used to save photos to iCloud or Google Photos cloud storage. Users who wish can make a feature in the photo app settings to create folder names for public photos. Facebook also uses facial recognition to tag people in photos. 

  1. Better Treatment 

One of the wonders of facial recognition is the search for genetic diseases especially how a particular situation occurs. The technology could be faster and cheaper than genetic testing. and the risk of over-reliance on faulty systems. 

Now that we have discussed the benefits face scanner identifier has to offer, let’s discuss some cons of this technology. 

Disadvantages of Face Scanner 

Here are some cons of a face shape scanner;

  1. Top Threats to Privacy

The threat of legal invasion of personal privacy may be the biggest threat from the use of a face scanner ai. Some states and other cities have occasionally prohibited law enforcement from using facial recognition technology. Instead, police are forced to rely on body cameras and similar footage.

  1. Violation of personal freedom

The risks associated with the excessive use of a face scan go beyond personal privacy. The work can be easily published by technology hence it prevents people from freely moving within their local community or city. The argument here is that people don’t want to feel like they’re being watched, judged, or imprisoned. 

The whole point of a face scanner identifier is to match anyone with information about known suspects, essentially treating you as a suspect without any consequences. Some think this idea is dangerous to civil liberties.

  1. Data Issues

Facial scanning presents a lot of data protection issues. The fact that the database contains the personal information of numerous people there is always a risk posed by cyber criminals. There are cases where hackers have gained access to people’s files and have used them to blackmail them. This proves that sensitive information is always vulnerable. 


In this article, we discussed face scanner technology and how it works. Moreover, we reviewed the pros and cons of this technology as well. Experts state that a face scan is not perfect at all, hence, it provides room to improve and make it more efficient. All the concerns posed by the collection of facial data must be met with strict regulatory measures so that public trust can be attained. 

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