Tips for Conducting a Successful New Handover Snagging Inspection

Hitting the right cushion can be so thrilling following the accomplishment of any homeowner. packing. However, every detail does not serve that satisfaction until you officially occupy the dream space and esteem the standards of a quintessential habitat. On the bright side, the new handover snagging inspection comes close to a life-saving crusade. The following article is for you to execute the snagging walkthrough successfully, and you will be on the lighter side before you acquire ownership of the space.

Crucial Considerations:

Firstly, consider familiarizing yourself with the new space. There is some given information on space comprising the plans, specifications, and any other documentation handed over by the developer or builder. Most importantly, have a checklist of the places to touch on the inspection. Do not miss out on confined regions. That is any wall, floor, ceiling, fixture, and appliance. This way, you will not forget any element during the inspection. Allocate enough time for the capture.

Essential Tools:

Have a camera or a smartphone to capture, a measuring tape, a portable level, a notepad to take notes, and a flashlight to capture the confined places. Also, you can have a trusted friend or family member accompany you to support the spaces.

A Systematic Approach:

Start at one point of the property when conducting the inspection. Ensure that you cover every room and area. Be sure to scrutinize areas usually overlooked, such as corners, edges, or transitions between different materials. Use your checklist to guide your coverage and document any issues or defects as you identify them.

Be Observant:

During the new home snagging inspection, one needs to be observant. Pay attention to the state of the property and the quality of workmanship, finishes, and installations throughout the property. Check the paintwork, flooring, tiling, cabinetry, and general state of the home. Test the appliances, switches, outlets, and open all doors and windows to check if all is as it should be. If there is anything that stands out or any concerned you may have, make sure to ask the developer about it.

Document Clearly:

Take photographs and videos and write down everything you are not satisfied with. State where you found the issue, describe it, and make any measurements or appropriate comments. Make sure you are highly organized as this will allow you to easily communicate the faults and have them rectified quickly.


Your new home snagging inspection will not work out if you do not communicate all the defects to the person legally responsible. After the inspection, make a detailed report, document all the matters with photographs and notes, and send it to the developer. Be clear about what you want to be primed with and keep in touch with the developer about the progress before you do the actual handover of the home.


If you plan adequately, are keen and observant enough, and communicate effectively, you can secure the new handover snagging inspection. By employing the above tips, tricks, and professional snagging Dubai services, one’s confidence during the check will be ensured, and one can access a house that meets the necessary standards and requirements before the handover. Just remember, it is only through one’s own patience and keen observations of the details that one can avoid the costs and effort to fix the issues afterward.

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