Stand Up Pouches vs Mylar Bags: Understanding The Benefits Of Each

Stand up pouches and Mylar bags offer unique benefits for custom food packaging. Stand up pouches can be more visible, while Mylar packaging can be more durable. Find out more about the differences between these types of packaging, the benefits of each type and other factors that could make stand up pouches or Mylar bags the right choice for any product.

Why Use Stand Up Pouches

Stand up pouches are freestanding, which makes this style of packaging highly visible on store shelves. You can also choose to add hang holes to flexible pouches to allow for other modes of in-store display. This type of packaging is often made of polyethylene or PE and similar materials such as PET and BOPP. A packaging provider may offer options to customize flexible films with gloss, matte or metalized finishes. 

The materials used to make stand up pouches are ideal for displaying custom digitally printed designs. This packaging can also allow for clear or clouded windows that reveal products. A multi-material pouch design can feature high vapor barriers inside that seals out air and moisture and seals in aroma. 

How Mylar Can Help Protect Your Product

Mylar is an even more durable flexible material than standard PE. Flexible packaging made out of Mylar is resistant to puncture and tearing, which can protect products during distribution, in retail environments prior to sale and during transportation and storage by end consumers. Mylar is also a superior choice for keeping oxygen or moisture from entering packages and preventing odors from escaping.

Stand up pouch printing allows for customizable package design. Digital package printing technology makes it possible to print package designs without the use of plates and can allow for variable runs. While most flexible packaging materials can support child-resistant design features, Mylar is stronger than PE and can be the best choice for age-restricted supplements or consumables.

Stand Up Pouches vs Mylar Bags

Stand up pouches allow for free-standing display in retail environments. This type of packaging can be the best choice if your brand is prioritizing in-store visibility. You can also choose from a wide variety of design options for this type of packaging, from exterior and interior barrier films to external finishes and windows. 

Mylar bag packaging is a durable and flexible option that can be suitable for retail or direct-to-consumer sale. The main selling points of this type of flexible packaging include a high level of durability and environmental protection. If tear- and puncture-resistance and child-resistant design features are among your top priorities for product packaging, Mylar packaging can be the best choice.

How To Choose the Right Flexible Packaging

You can consult with a flexible packaging provider about the best packaging material and design for any product. A packaging company can help you calculate the cost of either type of packaging and work with your brand to develop an appealing custom packaging design. Whether you choose stand up pouches or Mylar bags for packaging products, your brand will get the benefits of using flexible packaging.

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