Meta Blast Therapy: Here’s How VLCC Is Using Natural Ingredients For Pain & Weight Reduction

In the world that we currently live in and the lifestyle we lead, stress and lack of physical activities takes a huge toll on our health. That’s why problems like bloating, abnormal weight gain in certain areas are so prevalent. That’s where VLCC comes in as the ultimate solution bringing in innovative body therapy like the meta blast therapy, TermoSlim therapy and many more at your aid. The therapies by VLCC not only leverage the power of natural active ingredients but also natural techniques.

Here’s a glimpse into one of the most popular treatments by VLCC for weight management – the meta blast therapy.

What Is Meta Blast Therapy All About?

An Indian Medical Association (IMA) approved the therapy, the Meta Blast Therapy brings multiple benefits in a natural and holistic way. Without the risk of surgery or heavy medications, it brings you the solution to manage your weight and also aids in pain management. It is convenient body therapy that allows you to live your life without constantly aching muscles usually caused by excess pain.

What Are Some Of The Benefits Of Meta Blast Therapy

  1. Reduces severe bloating: Bloating is often caused by water retaining blockages. The

Meta blast therapy helps you target this concern and helps achieve a more leaner and toned look.

  1. Pain Management: The best part about the meta blast therapy is that it uses natural active ingredients that go deep into the tissues and reduce inflammation and soreness. In a few sessions you’ll notice a huge difference in your mobility.
  1. Boost Metabolism: Just like natural pain management, the weight reduction in meta blast therapy also has a natural approach. It helps to boost metabolism and thereby increases the fat loss to achieve the physique of your dreams.

Success Stories You Need To Hear Today 

Many of our customers who have chosen the meta blast therapy as their go to body therapy have never regretted their decision. They have experienced a huge transformation right from the beginning till the end. The natural healing gel therapy as a part of meta blast therapy has worked wonders to eliminate muscle and joint pain for Aarav residing in Maharashtra. On the other hand the red gel therapy has worked quite well for Aisha residing in Kerala. Their happy customer reviews confirm the efficacy of the meta blast therapy. 

The Innovation Behind Meta Blast Therapy

As mentioned before, the meta blast therapy at VLCC takes a natural approach to treating stubborn fat, and helping with pain management. The therapy utilizes three healing gels designed with natural ingredients. Their potent botanical extracts penetrate deep into the tissues and treat health concerns from the root. Here’s a glimpse into the extensive benefits of these coloured gels. 

  • Red Gel: Crafted harnessing the power of natural extracts of red sandalwood and nutmeg, the red gel when massaged on to concern areas can offer relief from excessive pain, inflamed muscles and joint stiffness. 
  • Green Gel: Made using the goodness of herbal ingredients such as spirulina and many more,  the green gel is primarily used for weight management. It helps target and reduce fat deposits while smoothing out the skin.
  • Moroccan Wrap: Crafted with the benefits of rhassoul clay, the Moroccan wrap helps contour the body and tone it while providing it with essential energy and vitality.

Experience The Transformative Results Of Meta Blast Therapy

To ensure that you reap the maximum benefits while undergoing the meta blast therapy, the VLCC experts will always guide you towards moving to a balanced diet and compliment the body therapy with an exercise plan. These healthy habits can go a long way in ensuring that your treatment is a sustainable one.

Customized Treatment For Better Results 

Just like no two humans are the same, the need of the body also differs. And so does the treatment plan. At VLCC, the experts understand that different people can have different areas of concern for fat loss and pain management, and keeping that in mind the entire meta blast therapy is customized to suit those needs. 

A Safe And  Natural Treatment 

The meta blast therapy consists of healing gels like red gel and green gel and the Moroccan wrap, all of these consist of safe and natural ingredients. These ingredients are not only super effective but also suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

Final Thoughts 

If you are looking for a safe and effective approach to treating your weight gain issues as well as your pain management, then this is the right treatment for you. This IMA approved treatment starts giving you results from the first session itself. By the end of your weight loss and pain management journey, you would have not only discovered transformed and healthy you but also a healthy lifestyle. 

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