What Makes a Video Doorbell the Best? 

Knowing who is at your doorstep before you open the door is one simple method to protect your home from unexpected strangers or theft. However, it is necessary to have a video doorbell at home, but getting the best one is not easy. Considering the price, quality, power, and other features, video doorbells are now mixed with too many new ideas. In this article, we will tell you the trick to pick the best video doorbell.

How to Get Your Best Choice?

Considering the diverse needs of users, the functions of video doorbells will involve the following points, which users can refer to and choose the most suitable option: 

Higher Resolution

The best video doorbell must have a higher resolution to make sure the user can see clearly. With regards to the camera of the video doorbell, the high resolution allows the user to see the visitor and the outside of the house more clearly and the user can get more details from it. For example, we can see the appearance of the delivery man and the badge he is wearing on the video doorbell’s HD camera.

Competitive Price

We don’t expect the best performance with a lower price, but given a fixed budget, we have to choose a video doorbell with more functions and stabler quality. Moreover, the cost of cloud storage will be one of your concerns as well. Meanwhile, due to the limitation of the physical storage in your video doorbell, the cloud service is available for users who need extra space to save the video. Anyway, the cloud storage is available when you need to add it afterward.


Having a stable power situation is essential for a video doorbell. It is not acceptable when we need it to be functional but it is power-off. Thus, you should choose a wired video doorbell or a battery-powered one according to what you need. About the wired video doorbell, you may only need to connect it to the existing wiring system. More importantly, the battery-powered video doorbell normally comes with a battery charger, which can recharge the battery when it goes low. However, if your budget allows, why don’t you upgrade a plan to grab both power options?  

AI Support

The highly popular AI technology has been deeply integrated into our lives. Of course, a video doorbell is no exception. Now, some video doorbell manufacturers have added AI technology to their devices, which can improve the accuracy and intelligence of the devices, and even recognize different people, pets, cars, and so on! Besides, through this amazing feature, the video doorbell can trigger a ‘welcome home’ scene when a family member is approaching. Also, it can analyze the visitors and strangers by AI calculation to see if strangers are coming frequently.


In conclusion, the best video doorbell should come with several functions and advantages. Firstly, the best video doorbell comes with a higher resolution, which will show you the details in a clearer way. In addition, when we talk about the cost, it is important to confirm the quality and function in a fixed budget. Extra services including cold storage can be added when the cost is counted. Furthermore, you can choose a video doorbell with a power supply by battery or wire according to what you prefer. You can also upgrade the plan to achieve both options. Finally, the accuracy and intelligence of the video doorbell will be boosted if it is AI-integrated. 

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