Sattva La Vita Review

My bones were filled with the noise and chaos of Bangalore. As a designer, my days were full of deadlines and screens that flashed, and at night, I had to deal with the constant noise of traffic. Once a cozy haven, my small flat had turned into a cage where I could not breathe. I needed a change, some fresh air, and a place that was both quiet and lively. As I looked for a new place to live, I came across Sattva La Vita, a safe haven I had no idea existed. Sattva La Vita stood out as a beacon of peace among the many properties for sale in Bangalore choices, promising a peaceful way of life. So here I am, writing my Sattva La Vita Review after living here for a few months. 

The reason I decided to move wasn’t because I was bored, but because I wanted a better place to live. I wanted a bigger, more complete space to live in after living in a small room for years. It was important for my work life. I wanted my new home to have a mix of ease of use, comfort, and peace and quiet.

There were a lot of appealing flats for sale in Bangalore and apartments for sale in Bangalore, but none of them spoke to my inner desires. It seemed like these things were at the heart of Sattva La Vita. Finding this hidden residential gem was made possible by recommendations from friends and reading hundreds of Sattva La Vita reviews online. 

Sattva La Vita Amenities to Enjoy

  1. There are many ways to stay healthy and busy at this flat for sale in Bangalore, like a gym, a jogging track, outdoor sports areas, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and indoor games.
  2. Sattva La Vita offers residents peace of mind with 24-hour security and CCTV monitoring, making sure they are safe and private in a secure setting.
  3. At Sattva La Vita, the community garden, library, and party hall give people places to relax, read, and get together with friends. These areas are meant to be fun and interesting for everyone in the neighborhood.
  4. Sattva La Vita has a bike path and a lot of street parking for cars, which makes parking and getting to work easy. Parking is easy to get to, and there are bike tracks for residents to use, which makes their daily lives easier.
  5. Sattva La Vita has a specialized maintenance staff and a power backup system that make living there easy. With these important services close by, people can live a hassle-free life.
  6. Sattva La Vita promotes eco-friendly life by using systems to collect rainwater and clean sewage. 

4 Reasons I Bought a Home in Sattva La Vita Project

Sattva La Vita was appealing for more than just its beautiful services. Four important reasons sealed my choice:

1. Affordable Price Point

The Sattva La Vita price was reasonable even though it felt very expensive. It was a great deal compared to other apartments for sale in Bangalore that promised the same high-end amenities. There are some very nice properties for sale in Bangalore that start at 4.9 crores, and I paid 5.3 crores for mine. 

2. Prime Location

Sattva La Vita was the right mix of peace and comfort for me. It was away from the noise of the city but still close to everything I needed. 

  1. An easy 40-minute (20 km) drive gets you to Bangalore International Airport.
  2. It only takes three minutes to get to Byg Brewski.
  3. Located near the Bangalore Outer Ring Road, making it easy to get to.
  4. Manipal Hospital and Aster CMI Hospital are two of the best hospitals close.

3. Spacious Specifications

The backyards are big and open, going out over 10 feet to give you your own garden area. There are 4 bedrooms, a gym, an entertainment area, and a family lounge in each Row House, so you can spend important time with your family. The homes are on two levels, which makes them easy to move around, and they have two parking spots. On the top floor, you have your own private deck where you can watch the sunset in peace. 

4. Reputed Builders

The Sattva Group’s reputation for high-quality buildings and a focus on residents gave me confidence in a well-run, thriving community. Sattva Group is a dynamic real estate company with offices in 7 Indian cities. It was founded in 1993 and has its headquarters in Bengaluru. It has finished more than 142 projects, totaling 69 million square feet. These projects include residential, industrial, and tech parks like the well-known Sattva Knowledge City in Hyderabad. If you wish to know more about Sattva La Vita or any other current residential project, you must check verified property listings on website today! 

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