PUBG Mobile x Spy X Family Collab Incoming!

The popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile is no stranger to collabs and events, with every week players having something new to unlock and grind for. And now, PUBG Mobile has put out a cryptic teaser for fans to decipher their latest upcoming collab!

The good news is, we think we’ve figured it out. 

Based on the three teaser images PUBG Mobile posted on their X (AKA Twitter) account and boldly stated ‘Think you have what it takes to break the code?’, it’s a clear indicator of a Spy X Family reference. 

Spy X Family is all about espionage, mystery, and the like so the ‘code’ part gave away the collab. Plus, if you’ve watched the anime, you’ll notice some familiar motifs in the teasers. 

Some of these include Anya’s penguin plush, Yor’s rose headband, the iconic toy robot, and the lovable dog Bond Forger is drawn in honey on a piece of toast. These are just a few of the most notable clues, with many other elements hinting at Spy X Family as the next collab.

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When is the PUBG Mobile x Spy X Family Collab Releasing?

For now, PUBG Mobile has not revealed any concrete release dates for the Spy X Family collab. Considering that we’re still in the process of PUBG Mobile ‘teasing’ the new collab, it shouldn’t be too far off. 

We also know that PUBG Mobile Update version 3.1 and the 6th Anniversary celebration are releasing on March 13th, 2024 so we can speculate one of two things. First, they’ll release the collab to celebrate their 6th anniversary and the new version update simultaneously. 

Or they might hold off on releasing the collab until after the initial events for the update version 3.1 are over. For example, in January they released Update Version 3.0 but only released their LINE Friends Collab in February. 

Additionally, last year, they released Update Version 2.9 in early November, with the Pagani collab event happening a few days later. With the previous collab events history in mind, it’s likely the Spy X Family will be released towards the end of March 2024. 

What Does the PUBG Mobile x Spy X Family Collab Have? 

While official details for the collab’s contents aren’t available yet, we can speculate based on previous events with popular anime. One great example is Hunter X Hunter which collabed with PUBG Mobile earlier this year in January. 

The collab crate included 3 character skins featuring designs based on the Gon, Killua, and Kurapika main characters from the anime. Players could also get a Mythic AWP skin and a few other collectibles with designs based on the Hunter X Hunter anime. 

So we can assume Spy X Family is getting the same treatment, with the most likely candidates being skins of Loid Forger and Yor Forger. We could also see a new companion fashioned after Bond Forger, the lovable & fluffy pet dog in the anime.

We’re also expecting a new Mythic gun skin as well as a few more Spy X Family collectibles and customisables. Unfortunately, that’s all we know for now but PUBG Mobile should be teasing additional teasers soon. 

Hopefully we catch a glimpse at the upcoming collab sooner rather than later!But if you’re on the hunt for any of PUBG Mobile’s previous collab event items, check out U7BUY to buy PUBG Mobile accounts for rare skins, levels, and more!

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